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What if the temperature of the hydraulic system of vacuum kneader is too high?

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2019-01-07 13:29:43

As we all know, vacuum kneader is one of the common mixing equipment for mixing high and low viscosity. In the process of operation, the main ways of discharging are hydraulic system and screw extrusion. Then in the hydraulic system, the temperature of hydraulic oil station suddenly rises, which can not be underestimated. It is easy to cause improper temperature rise and stop production, so hydraulic pressure. How to prevent the high temperature of the system? There are three main points for reference.

vacuum kneader

1. Excessive temperature rise due to poor use. High ambient temperature, poor cooling conditions, too high or too low oil viscosity, too high regulating power, plugging caused by foreign bodies in the hydraulic system, will also cause oil temperature rise. Flat friction caused by oil contamination in hydraulic pumps will cause high temperature in the pumps and transfer to the surface of the pumps. The solenoid valve is not sucked in place, which increases the current, causes serious heating of the electromagnet and burns the electromagnet.

2. Excessive temperature rise due to improper design. The tank capacity is too small, the heat dissipation area is insufficient; there is no unloading circuit in the system, and the hydraulic pump is still overflowing at high pressure when it stops working; the tubing is too thin and long, and the bending is too much; or the hydraulic components are not selected properly, so that the pressure loss is too large. Some of them belong to manufacturing problems, such as low precision of components processing and assembly, excessive friction and heat between relative moving parts, or serious leakage, large volume loss, etc.

3. The temperature rise caused by the wear of hydraulic components or the existence of leakage in the system is too high. When the hydraulic pump wears out, a large amount of oil leakage flows back into the suction chamber from the discharge chamber, causing throttling and heating. The situation of other components is similar. If there is an accidental leakage in the hydraulic system of kneader, the throttling and heating will also make the oil temperature rise sharply.

Whether or not the temperature of the hydraulic system rises, or where the kneader equipment is in trouble, as long as the machine is abnormal, it must be stopped immediately for inspection, and relevant technical personnel will be checked and guided to prevent accidents. Of course, when abnormal emergence occurs, we should also observe some details around, pay attention to production safety is the most important.

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