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Let me tell you two ways to clean the reactor.

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2019-01-07 14:42:25

During the long-term use of the reactor, a lot of dust will accumulate, which will affect the normal operation of the reactor, add energy consumption and reduce product quality.

Long-term use of the reactor content is easy to residual reactants, gradually accumulated in the reactor, which not only affects the capacity of the reactor, the composition of the residue has an impact on the reaction, but also reduces the quality of products in the reactor, and may cause serious reactor explosion, endangering the safety of personnel and equipment. Therefore, besides the unsteady maintenance, the reactor should be cleaned regularly. There are mainly two kinds of reactor cleanliness: mechanical cleanliness and chemical cleanliness.


Mechanical cleaning:

Mechanical cleaning is the most common method of reactor cleaning. The most commonly used method is high pressure water gun cleaning, which has a significant effect on dust accumulation, such as powder agglomeration, simple and convenient operation, low cleaning cost, small damage, and usually small loss to the kettle, but small scale of application. In the experiment, it is difficult to clean the reactor dust with high-pressure water gun. In other cases, such as aggregated solids, other cleaning methods are needed, such as smashing, cutting and so on.

As for the viscous or strong adsorbability of liquid dust, wipe method can be used to remove it. This method is especially suitable for glass reactor and enamel reactor. Small reactor can be used with cloth or test tube brush, and the operation is simple.

Matters needing attention

High-pressure water gun is used for mechanical cleaning to reduce the loss of the kettle. Care should be taken to avoid damage to the kettle during the cleaning process.

Chemical cleaning:

Chemical cleaning is the most commonly used method of reactor cleaning. It is widely used and plays a significant role. However, it has high cost, many chemical waste liquids are difficult to treat, and the environment is polluted greatly. In chemical cleaning, the primary requirement is to determine the dust composition, and then select the corresponding cleaning solvent. Therefore, the cleaning safety and the corrosion strength of the kettle should be evaluated. Chemical cleaning can find corresponding cleaning countermeasures for most of the dust, and the cleaning effect is also better.

Matters needing attention

In chemical cleaning, besides being useful for dirt, cleaning solvents also corrode reactor and other related parts. Therefore, it is necessary to select cleaning agents and protect equipment and personnel.

Through cleaning, the conditions of the reactor can be directly improved, the heat transfer efficiency can be improved, and the energy consumption of the company in the production process can be greatly reduced. Moreover, the cleaning of the reactor can ensure the singularity of the reactant, reduce impurities and greatly reduce the probability of safety accidents. In addition, the clean working environment of the reactor can greatly reduce the load of heat conduction equipment and prolong its service life.

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