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Foshan JCT Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional design and manufacture of stainless steel jacketed reactor and dispersing equipment. Our representative products includes stainless steel jacketed reactor, kneader, dispersing machine and planetary mixer.



We can provide a face to face pre-sale consultation,with photographs or video report on the progress of production, in addition, it's durable for 10 years of stainless steel jacketed reactor, free maintenance over 20 years!


※ Main Technologies:
1, unsaturated resins, alkyd resins, acrylic resins, polyurethane and other complete sets of production equipment;
2, latex, white latex, rubber coating, film coating, all-purpose adhesive and other complete sets of production equipment;
3, glass, plastic, silicone rubber, sealants and other sets of production equipment;
4, raw rubber sets of production equipment;
5, silicone waste pyrolysis recycling old solvent distillation recovery sets of production equipment;
6, hot melt adhesive sets of production equipment;
7, various types of powder mixing auger sets of production equipment;
8, various non-standard chemical equipment design, production and installation.


※ Our service:

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If you wonder more details about chemical stainless steel jacketed reactor, welcome to contact us any time!

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