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High speed disperser High-speed disperser used for paint, coating, ink industrial production

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2018-12-19 16:25:16

High speed disperser High-speed disperser used for paint, coating, ink industrial production

一. application

This machine is suitable for the dissolution and mixing of materials in paint, paint, chemical, pigment, ink and other industries.

Decompose and mix.


three. Machine structure and characteristics

The machine is composed of a frame, a bearing seat, a dispersing shaft, a dispersing wheel, a cylinder, a hydraulic station and a control cabinet.

The lifting of the frame is hydraulically driven, the lifting is stable and reliable, and the frame can be selected as a slewing mechanism, which can be 360 degrees back.

Turn, to achieve the purpose of using a multi-barrel.

four. Machine electrical control program

When the main motor is running, the pump motor cannot be operated; when the pump motor is running, the main motor does not run.

Electrical configuration: main motor, pump motor, control box, power distribution cabinet according to user requirements, supporting ordinary type or

Explosion-proof type, the user installs the electrical box in the workshop power distribution room or other suitable location according to the site conditions, and presses

Electrical schematic diagram laying power line (with electrical diagram)

Fives. Hydraulic station

It consists of a fuel tank, pump unit and hydraulic manifold to control the lifting movement of the disperser, depending on the use.

Clean the fuel tank and oil filter regularly and replace the clean hydraulic oil.

six. lubricating

Lubrication is an important condition to ensure the normal operation of the machine. It must be added regularly at the fueling instructions.

Lubricating oil or grease.

Seven. Operational operation

Check before operation:

Check if the direction of rotation of the motor is in the direction indicated by the arrow, check the tightness of the V-belt, check the hydraulic pressure

The oil level of the station.

Turn on the power, start the pump motor, raise the rack to the proper position, and then load the material

Push the device under the dispersing shaft and slowly lower the frame so that the dispersing wheel is completely immersed in the material.

The main motor can be started, the rotation speed is gradually increased from zero, and the materials in the container are stirred and dispersed.

Before turning off the main motor, first adjust the speed to zero, then turn off the main motor power.

If there is abnormal sound or impact sound during operation, stop running immediately, check and clear the fault.

You can continue to boot afterwards.

Eight. Fault judgment

The oil pump motor does not run: Is the total power supply turned on?

The oil pump works, the rack cannot be lifted: whether the solenoid valve is open, and the adjustment position of the throttle valve is correct.

Is the relief valve in the correct position?

The main motor cannot be operated or stopped during operation: whether the main power supply is turned on and the fuse is blown.

Whether the thermal relay is working.

When the rack rises and falls and creeps, loosen the exhaust valve, and then discharge the air in the cylinder before tightening.

Exhaust valve (engineering cylinder without exhaust valve)

nine. Important note

The dispersing shaft should rotate in the direction indicated by the rotation and cannot be reversed to avoid accidents.


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