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Happy New Year, 2019 !

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2019-01-04 09:55:42

2019 has come. JCT Machinery wishes you all a happy New Year!

Looking back on 2018, JCT\'s performance has been rising steadily. It has successfully opened up the North American and European markets and established its position in the industry. It has been widely praised by customers both at home and abroad. Thank you for your support and trust. In 2019, JCT will require itself with stricter standards, as always, to provide you with excellent chemical equipment and high-quality services.

As the Spring Festival is approaching in China, JCT workers are working overtime. Friends who plan to purchase all kinds of chemical equipment before or after the year can call to visit and negotiate. We will arrange the construction period reasonably to avoid the worries of long production cycle of your equipment. Here is a brief introduction to all kinds of equipment being produced in JCT workshop.

JCT workshop

paint making machinery--reactor

Unfinished reactor

300L kneader

100L kneader and electronic control cabinet

Reactor cover

Reactor inner coil

Cold water tower

Horizontal screw mixer in production

JCT is a professional manufacturer of kneading machine, reaction kettle, mixer, glass glue equipment, hot melt glue equipment and liquid silica gel equipment in China.

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