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Water based paint integrated production line

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2019-01-10 14:19:47

Water-based paint integrated production line



1. Production line characteristic

1) JCT Machinery Co., Ltd. is a design, manufacture, installation, debugging in one professional chemical machinery and equipment manufacturer, with experience in design and manufacture more than 20 years. Due to the characteristic of advanced design, well made, its products sold all over the world.

2) The water-based paint integrated production line that made by JCT company, is designed after discuss and research with many experienced paint technical engineers. The complete plant can finish the whole process including dispersing, grinding, refine, cooling, filter, vacuum absorb, semi-automatic and so on, greatly reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs. Besides, It can be operated in vacuum that no bubble production and no dust flying, thus the quality of products can be improved greatly.

2. Process flow chart


3. Production line equipment configuration:

Feed tank; Accountability tank; Mufti-functional emulsion dispersing stirring kettle; Pipeline emulsion pump; Cooling mixer; Paint mixing tank; Filter; Filling machine; Water cooling system; Vacuum system; Material pump; etc.

4. Production process:

Production process: Preparation of raw materialsSlurry makingCyclic shear and emulsificationProduct reconcilingvacuum defoamationdischarge out materials and packaging.

1) The preparation of various raw materials should be according to its technical formula.

2) After the water is measured, pour it into mufti-functional emulsion dispersing stirring kettle, then add powder materials into mufti-functional emulsion dispersing stirring kettle by vacuum system.

3) Stir with a low speed for 10 minutes, then start emulsion machine and dispersing machine to disperse and stir for 10 minutes. Next step, start pipeline emulsion pump to shear and emulsification for 30 minutes. Due to the shear and emulsification both inside and outside the kettle, not only ensure further refinement of the materials, but also greatly shorten the working hours.

4) Add emulsion, film-forming assistant into paint mixing tank by vacuum system, and then add well-made slurry, stirring evenly.

5) Take some samples for testing. If it meets product requirements, discharge out materials for packaging.

5. Production line specifications:

1) 1000L water-based paint integrated production line;

2) 2000L water-based paint integrated production line;

3) 3000L water-based paint integrated production line;

4) 4000L water-based paint integrated production line;

5) 5000L water-based paint integrated production line;

6. Note:

1) We can design it according to actual situation and actual output of customer.

2) If the customer needs, we can provide the design, planning, equipment production, installation, debugging, production technical guidance, production personnel training and other services according to the actual needs of customers.

3) If you need more information about detailed equipment allocation and production process, please feel free to contact us: http://www.nhjct.com, 0086-757-86707225.

7. Device pictures (part)

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