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Thailand Customers Purchase Liquid Silica Gel Equipment

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2018-12-12 11:21:59

Compared with solid high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, liquid silicone rubber has good fluidity, fast vulcanization, safety and environmental protection, and can fully meet the requirements of food grade. Liquid silica gel has excellent tear strength, resilience, yellowing resistance, thermal stability and heat aging resistance. It is mainly used in children\'s products, medical products and electronic products.

From the conversation, we learned that Thailand customers purchased liquid silica gel equipment in preparation for the production of adult health care products, because the industry in Thailand is very popular.

Thailand Customers Purchase Liquid Silica Gel Equipment

According to the position of functional groups (i.e. crosslinking points) in the molecular structure, liquid rubber with functional groups is often divided into two categories: one is called teleclaw liquid rubber whose functional groups are at both ends of the molecular structure; the other is called non-teleclaw liquid rubber whose active functional groups are randomly distributed in the main chain, that is, those with functional groups in the molecular structure are called non-teleclaw liquid rubber. Of course, there are also those with both intermediate and terminal functional groups, focusing on the study of teleclaw liquid rubber. For liquid rubber, chain growth agents or crosslinking agents with appropriate functional groups should be selected according to the active functional groups contained in the liquid rubber.

Thailand Customers Purchase Liquid Silica Gel Equipment

Thailand Customers Purchase Liquid Silica Gel Equipment

Thailand Customers Purchase Liquid Silica Gel Equipment

Liquid silica gel production equipment is generally planetary vertical shaft mixer, which is in the form of vertical axis as a planetary mixing machine. Planetary vertical shaft mixer is a multi-functional mixing machine. There are two or three agitators and one or two automatic scrapers in the kettle. While the agitator rotates around the axis of the escalator, it rotates around its axis at different rotating speeds, which makes the material move in the kettle in a complex way and receives strong shear and rubbing.

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