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2018 China International Coatings, Inks and Adhesives Exhibition

Author: JCT source: Datetime: 2018-12-12 10:44:37

2018 International codtings, Inks Adhesives Exhibition in Guangzhou China

Exhibition scope: Exhibition Date: December 4, 2018

Production of various raw materials for coatings, inks and adhesives

Oil and fatty acid

Natural/synthetic resins and intermediates

Pigments, fillers, fillers and dyes

Solvents and plasticizers


Functional additives*

Functional Materials

Functional and intelligent coatings and inks


* Includes: thickeners, surfactants, pigment dispersants, emulsifiers, crosslinkers, defoamers/foam inhibitors, anti-skinning agents, leveling agents, bactericides, driers, stabilizers, waxes Class

Production / packaging equipment and equipment

Mass production equipment and devices

Mixer/mixer and high speed disperser

Handling and packaging

Mixing, charging and mixing/coloring system

Automation and internal management

Filter, pump, meter / weighing device

Grinder, mixer/mixer and accessories

Color disperser

Packaging and labeling machine

Quality inspection and R&D measurement and testing

Color and other visual features

Innovation in measurement and testing

Dry film and mechanical properties (including durability)

Chemical properties

Paint characteristics (viscosity, rheology, wettability, etc.)

Surface analysis

Powder coating

Resins and pigments for end applications

Extruder / extruder / kneader and other production equipment

UV and NIR cured powder coatings

Isocyanuric acid triglycidyl ester system

Improve dispersion and apply solid solvents

Powder coating for temperature sensitive substrates

Polyester substitute

Metal effect powder coating

UV/EB curing technology and products

Raw materials: reactive diluents (monomers), oligomers, photoinitiators, pigments, additives, etc.

Formulated products: UV coatings, UV inks, UV adhesives, printing plates, photoresists, UV inks for printed circuits, dry film, photoimageable inks, photocasting, surface grafting, etc.

Light source and equipment: UV light source, electron beam equipment, light curing equipment, painting equipment, material performance testing equipment (for paints, inks, adhesives), UV dosimeters, etc.

Safety, health, environment and other services

Daily plant management

Wastewater / waste / waste gas treatment

Packaging and waste / waste / waste gas reduction

Environmental protection and safety equipment

Technical Information


Hygienic and easy to clean surface

Environmental technology


Various coatings, inks and adhesive products



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