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Thanksgiving day is coming! Korean customers visit JCT to buy hot melt adhesive equipment

Author: source: Datetime: 2018-11-22 09:55:23

November 19, 2018, when it was winter, snowfall in the north, sunshine in the south of China. In the afternoon, JCT welcomed a group of Korean customers. The project under discussion was a strip hot melt adhesive production line.

Korean customers visit JCT to buy hot melt adhesive equipment

There are many shapes of hot melt adhesives, such as strip, block, pillow, granular, powdery and so on. The use of hot melt adhesives varies from shape to shape. The application of hot melt adhesives is very extensive. Do you know the equipment for producing hot melt adhesives?

The heating methods of hot melt adhesive production can be divided into: electric heating in jacket, electric heater, heat conducting oil furnace (fuel oil, gas). The temperature of the heat conducting oil is generally controlled by 160-200 degrees centigrade, and the material temperature in the kettle is controlled at 130-160 C.

The reaction kettle produces hot melt adhesive for about 4-5 hours / times. Kneading machine produces hot melt adhesive for about 2-3 hours / times.

The working volume of the reaction kettle and kneading machine for producing hot melt adhesive is generally 70-80%.

hot melt glue production line

What equipment is needed for the complete hot melt adhesive (strip) production line: 2 sets of reactor (or kneader + stirring tank), coarse filter, high viscosity pump, fine filter, screw extruder, cooling water tank, traction sliver, heating system, vacuum system, etc.

The technological process is:

1) according to the formula of hot melt adhesive, the raw materials are weighed and added to the reactor (or kneader). The heating system is heated to melt and stir evenly. The bubbles in the glue are removed by vacuum.

2) The melted rubber in the reactor is put into the agitating tank through the discharge pump, through the filtration system, and then cooled to a certain temperature and then kept constant temperature. Through the discharge pump, the melted rubber is put into the screw extruder.

3) the extruded rubber strips are cooled in the cooling water tank and drawn by the traction granulator. The output speed and the traction speed are controlled by the frequency converter to keep them in sync. The size and length of the rubber strip are controlled by the extrusion hole and cutting speed.

4) The dehydrated particles enter the vibrating fluidized bed and are dried by vibration and blower. If further drying is needed, the particles are dehydrated and packed in the cyclone separator.

hot melt glue equipment

Through the unremitting efforts of JCT salesman and technical team, JCT successfully signed an order for the strip hot melt adhesive production line project with Korean customers. Thank you for your trust and support to JCT.

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